Nike Olympic uniforms

Nike is getting some heat for a uniform that Team USA’s track and field team members may wear in Paris this summer. Some say it’s too skimpy, others say athletes have choice.

Nike’s new 2024 Paris Olympic track and field uniforms were said to be designed with athletes in mind, but the internet isn’t buying it. Nike Olympic uniforms

It all started when Citius Magazine, a running publication, posted a first look at the Nike kits that the U.S. track and field team will wear this summer. Nike Olympic uniforms

Thousands of people and some athletes flooded the comment section of the post, criticizing the design of the women’s uniform pictured, which is a blue and red striped leotard that says “USA.” Those lambasting the look say it’s just far too skimpy.

Athletes like Olympic pole vaulter Katie Moon and former U.S. track and field athlete Lauren Fleshman have weighed in on the matter since the post went viral.

What does Nike have to say about all this? 

Tatyana McFadden, a paralympic athlete on Team USA wears the leotard that has elicited controversy hours after Nike unveiled the line on Thursday, April 11.



Nike has deferred the inquiry about the recent wave of online criticism, pointing to an article written about the uniforms as their official stance on the issue. 

The company writes that the uniforms are “the most athlete-informed, data-driven and visually unified the company has ever produced.” Each kit was inspired by the “distinct identities and diverse communities each country and sport represent.” 

Nike’s goal from the start was to give each athlete a voice, creating uniforms that “met athletes’ desires for choice, comfort and performance.” A goal they say the met across every sport they designed uniforms for, including track and field. 

“Nike designed the Paris 2024 track and field kits to offer athletes a range of silhouettes tailored for various sport disciplines, body types and sizes, prioritizing performance and maximum breathability,” according to John Hoke, chief innovation officer, who is quoted in the article. Nike Olympic uniforms

There are close to 50 unique track and field uniform options, including the newly viral leotard, for both men and women.  Athletes will also get the chance to choose which outfit or combination of outfits match their style and personal preference best, Nike wrote. 

“I’ve had the opportunity to share feedback and insights that helped inform the new USATF Kit,” Anna Cockrell, a track and field athlete, said in a news release. “During testing, this fit allowed me to move freely and without distraction, and I love how the look represents Team USA.” 

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