Customers shop for eggs at a Sprouts grocery store on April 12, 2023 in San Rafael, California. According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average price of eggs is nearly double its price in 2019.

Most Americans wait until the Holy Week to shop for Easter, but no matter how long you wait this year, eggs aren’t likely to go on sale for much less than they are now.

A dozen eggs are around $3 per dozen, on average, according to Federal Reserve data. That’s down from January 2023’s record $4.82, but still more than double the $1.45 average cost before the pandemic in February 2020.

Even if prices aren’t as eye-popping as they were last year, they might still be expensive enough to dissuade some people from dyeing a lot of eggs.

If you fall into this camp, USA TODAY has a list of eggless activities and decor to explore this Easter.

Even at $5 per dozen, you can eat two large eggs for dinner for about 85 cents, and they provide protein, omega-3, vitamins and other valuable nutrients, said Brian Moscogiuri, a global trade strategist at Eggs Unlimited, an egg supplier.

That’s a bargain compared to the avocado his wife bought on sale for 75 cents, which she thought was inexpensive, he noted. Or even chocolate eggs, which are seeing a price spike this year due to sharply higher cocoa prices. One classic Cadbury creme egg costs more than $1.

Changes in egg prices
Average price of Grade A large eggs, per dozen, U.S. city average:


Jan. 2023:
Feb. 2024:
Jan. 2021:
Jan. 2022
Feb. 2024
SOURCE St. Louis Federal Reserve; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Why are eggs so expensive?

Egg prices soared to about $4.82 per dozen in January 2023 after an avian flu outbreak.

Prices started to fall after avian flu subsided. Eggs dropped to about $3.27 a dozen by last Easter and got as low as $2.04 in August.

However, another outbreak last November sent prices higher again. Prices have risen over the past six months, with the average cost of a dozen eggs hitting $3 in February.

How are people reacting this Easter to high egg prices?

Of the more than 500 consumers polled by research firm Numerator, 65% said they’ll buy eggs to decorate and 21% said they plan to buy more than last year. However, 35% said they don’t plan to buy eggs to decorate and 11% will buy fewer this year. Of those buying fewer eggs or none, 25% cited high prices as the deterrent.

How did people react at Easter to last year’s surge in egg prices?

In April 2023, a dozen eggs were $3.27, a record-high Easter price. This was a 27% increase from the year-ago period, according to Datasembly, which tracks grocery pricing data in real time.

Egg sales weakened during the two weeks before the holiday compared to the prior year. During those two weeks in 2023, egg sales only rose 20.5% above the 52-week average, retail data from retail data science company 84.51° showed. In 2022, egg sales spiked 35%.

What’s the story behind Easter?A bunny, eggs and Jesus: How Easter became a holiday full of symbolism

Easter 2024 is right around the corner and if you’re already in prep mode for it, you may have noticed the elevated egg prices this year. While they’re down about 17% from the prices we saw last year, that doesn’t make the prices today much easier to swallow.

Luckily, there are many eggcellent ways you can still incorporate egg décor into your festivities while saving money, including egg alternatives that’ll get you into the Easter spirit. From wooden eggs, to plastic eggs, to paper cutouts, here are some alternatives to shop this season and what to know about egg prices.

When is Easter 2024?

This year, Easter Sunday takes place this Sunday, March 31, based on the Gregorian calendar.

Why are eggs so expensive?

Egg prices are high now for the same reason they’ve been for the past few years — avian influenza. More commonly known as “bird flu,” this disease hit egg-laying hens hard in 2022 and has persisted since then, with climbs and drops in production since thenWhile cases of infections dropped off from May to September of last year, cases spiked again that November. While egg prices are elevated, they’re still down 17% from roughly this time last year.

Easter egg decorating alternatives

Decorate egg alternatives

If you were planning on using eggs to dye them into the perfect Easter decorations, then you’re in luck, as there are many decorative alternatives to Easter eggs. One option is to buy crafting eggs that you can decorate with paint. These crafting eggs come in both white plastic and brown wood, to name a few. You can also use rocks from the outdoors for the same purpose. No matter what substitute you’re using, you can use acrylic paint pens to decorate them beautifully. This set from Amazon has over 11,000 five-star ratings, with reviewers loving the wide selection of colors.

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