future of PM Rishi Sunak hangs in balance IMAGEfuture of PM Rishi Sunak hangs in balance IMAGE

British-Indian leader up against voter angst over incumbent Tories after 14 years in power.The future of  Rishi

London: The future of Rishi Sunak as Britain’s Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party hangs in the balance as the UK goes to the polls on Thursday.Around 46.5 million Britons are eligible to vote in the election. The electorate votes for members of Parliament across 650 constituencies — with 326 required for a majority in the first past the post system.

Sunak (44) is up against voter angst against the incumbent Tories after 14 years in power and has had to contend with trailing far behind 61-year-old Keir Starmer-led Labour Party throughout the six-week campaign.

Both leaders wrapped up their poll pitches with contrasting messages — Sunak urging voters not to hand a “supermajority” to “tax-raising” Labour and Starmer playing down the prospect of a landslide win for fear of a low turnout impacting the final outcome.

UK General Elections: PM Rishi Sunak’s Future Hangs in the Balance

On Thursday, over 40,000 polling stations opened across the UK at 7 am local time, inviting voters to cast their ballots with a compulsory identification requirement this year. All registered adult residents, including Indian Commonwealth citizens, are eligible to participate.

As polls close at 10 pm local time, attention turns to the definitive exit poll, providing an early snapshot of nationwide expectations. Counting begins immediately afterward, with initial results anticipated shortly before midnight local time.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak rallied voters on the final campaign day, emphasizing the need to prevent a Labour supermajority and higher taxes. His strategy focused on mobilizing traditional Conservative supporters to narrow the anticipated gap in this closely watched election.

Opposition parties criticized Sunak’s approach as fear tactics aimed at energizing Tory voters, aiming to prevent Labour from achieving a majority akin to Tony Blair’s in 1997.


“This election is about ensuring a robust opposition,” commented Suella Braverman, former Home Secretary, reflecting on the likely outcome and the role of the Opposition.

The outcome of this election will determine the future political landscape in the UK, shaping policies and leadership for years to come.

UK Election Update: Boris Johnson Joins Campaign Amidst Tight Race

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a surprise appearance at a campaign event in London, rallying Conservative supporters against what he termed as a potential “sledgehammer majority” for the Labour Party under Keir Starmer’s leadership.

“When Rishi asked for my help, I couldn’t refuse. We’re all here because we care deeply about our country,” Johnson told an enthusiastic crowd of Tories.

Meanwhile, Labour Party leaders emphasized the importance of every vote, dismissing predictions of a landslide victory as they urged against complacency among supporters.

“People say polls predict the future – they don’t. Every vote counts, and we must earn each one. It’s not ‘job done’,” cautioned Starmer.

Experts predict a lower voter turnout compared to the 67% recorded in the last general election of December 2019, which saw Johnson secure a strong majority on his “get Brexit done” platform.

Opinion polls suggest varying outcomes, with Conservatives potentially winning between 53 to 150 seats, while Labour aims for a significant comeback.

The early election call by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak caught many within his party off guard, with preparations underway for a pivotal contest months ahead of schedule.

In the 2019 General Election, the Conservatives claimed 365 seats, securing a majority, while Labour secured 202 seats.

The outcome of this election will shape the future course of UK politics, impacting policies and leadership decisions for years to come.


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