Last season, Robinson caught 26 passes for 371 yards and four touchdowns in 16 games (four starts). He also caught three passes for 44 yards in the playoffs, which was his eighth straight year of making the postseason.

Hopefully he will make it nine years in a row next season as a member of the Rams more’

Tyreek Hill, also known as Cheetah, played with the Chiefs for six seasons from 2016 to 2021, as did his wideout teammate Demarcus Robinson. Both Georgia natives had each other’s backs until Cheetah moved to Miami and Marcus moved to Vegas for better opportunities. While Hill has been playing with the Dolphins since he departed from the barbeque hotspot, his former teammate has made his way to Hollywood to play for the Rams. Robinson was poised to go into free agency next month after a so-so season, but the Rams agreed to a one-year deal on a sub-par contract — which clearly hasn’t impressed the Dolphins WR — who took to X (formerly Twitter) to voice his two cents.

According to NFL Network, Demarcus Robinson has inked a one-year, $5 million deal with his current employer. Tyreek Hill, who’s making $30 million per annum with the Dolphins on the back of a $52.5 million fully guaranteed contract, couldn’t believe his eyes after he stumbled upon a report about his former teammate’s one-year extension. Reacting to this, the Oklahoma State alum expressed,

But Tyreek quickly emerged as the better of the two. In the current season, Tyreek lapped up 119 receptions while Robinson managed only 26. The “Cheetah” recorded 1,799 yards, while Robinson recorded almost one-fifth of that at 371. But then Tyreek is of a different breed entirely.

However, the contract extension means that the Rams sure see something special in him.

Robinson to be the Rams’ third favorite WR

With the Rams, Demarcus Robinson has made a note-worthy mark already. He tallied 26 receptions for 371 yards and four touchdowns. His chemistry with QB Matthew Stafford was palpable, evident in his four straight games with a touchdown reception.

The Rams are fully committed to Stafford moving forward and there’s no reason to believe they’ll look to cut him before his contract expires in 2026. That makes restructuring his contract a much easier pill to swallow because as along as they plan to keep him through 2026, there will be no real penalty for adjusting his deal.

Doing so this offseason would free up $19.86 million for 2024, while also raising his cap hit from $50.5 million to $60.43 million in 2025 and $49.5 million to $59.43 million in 2026. Those are obviously massive cap charges, but it would give the Rams much more flexibility to go all in this offseason if that’s their plan.