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The Pillars of Progress: Meet the Dedicated Leaders of TDF Canada

The Telangana Development Forum Canada (TDF Canada) stands as a beacon of cultural preservation and community development for Telugus living in the vibrant tapestry of Canada. But behind every thriving organization lies a strong foundation, built by dedicated individuals who tirelessly steer the ship towards its goals. Today, we shine a light on those who stand at the helm of TDF Canada, leading with passion, vision, and unwavering commitment – the executive body.

Surender Reddy Peddi: A Guiding Light in Philanthropy

At the heart of TDF Canada’s philanthropic endeavors lies Surender Reddy Peddi, the foundation committee chairman. His unwavering dedication to serving the community is deeply etched in every initiative undertaken by the organization. Surender’s leadership is driven by a profound understanding of the needs of the Telangana diaspora in Canada, ensuring their cultural heritage thrives in a new land while actively contributing to the development of their motherland. His gentle yet steadfast approach inspires the committee to reach new heights of giving back, making him a pillar of TDF Canada’s philanthropic mission.

The Executive Body: Synergy of Expertise, Dedication, and Passion

Surrounding Surender Reddy Peddi is a dynamic team of individuals, each bringing their unique talents and unwavering commitment to the table. Jitendhar Garlapati, the president, leads with strategic foresight, navigating the organization through its endeavors with a steady hand. He is ably supported by Pramod Dharmapuri, the vice president, whose warmth and empathy bind the team together.

Srikanth Neravetla, the Board of Trustees (BOT) chairman, brings to the table a wealth of experience and financial acumen. He ensures sound decision-making and responsible resource allocation, safeguarding the organization’s financial health. Arshad Ghori, the vice BOT chairman, complements Srikanth’s expertise with his innovative vision and fresh perspectives, ensuring TDF Canada remains adaptive and future-oriented.

Pawan Kumar Kondam, the general secretary, is the engine that keeps everything running smoothly. His organizational skills and meticulous attention to detail are the backbone of every event and initiative. Venkat Reddy, the joint secretary, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Pawan, providing unwavering support and ensuring seamless communication within the team.

Krishna Reddy, the treasurer, safeguards the organization’s financial resources with utmost integrity and transparency. He is ably assisted by Ravinder Reddy, the joint treasurer, who brings a keen eye for detail and ensures responsible budgetary management.

Together, this executive body forms a cohesive unit, driven by a shared passion for serving the Telangana community in Canada. Each member brings their unique skillset and perspective, creating a symphony of leadership that guides TDF Canada towards a brighter future.

Beyond the Titles: Stories of Dedication and Service

What truly sets these individuals apart is not just their titles, but the stories of dedication and service that lie behind them. Surender Reddy Peddi’s passion for giving back stems from a deep connection to his roots and a desire to empower future generations. Jitendhar Garlapati’s leadership is fueled by a vision of a united and thriving Telangana diaspora. Pramod Dharmapuri’s empathy resonates in every interaction, fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

Srikanth Neravetla’s financial acumen ensures TDF Canada’s impactful initiatives have a strong foundation, while Arshad Ghori’s innovative spirit keeps the organization evolving. Pawan Kumar Kondam’s organizational skills are the invisible threads that weave together every event and initiative. Venkat Reddy’s unwavering support acts as a silent force, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration. Krishna Reddy’s financial stewardship safeguards the organization’s resources, while Ravinder Reddy’s meticulousness ensures every penny is put to good use.

A Community Built on Collaboration

The success of TDF Canada is not solely dependent on its executive body. It is the collective effort of every member, volunteer, and supporter that truly fuels the organization’s progress. The executive body acts as a catalyst, providing direction, guidance, and resources. But it is the community’s unwavering spirit of collaboration that transforms ideas into reality and makes TDF Canada a shining example of what collective action can achieve.


As you walk through the vibrant halls of TDF Canada events, or witness the organization’s impactful initiatives unfold, remember the stories behind the faces. They are the stories of dedication, passion, and a shared vision for a brighter future. They are the stories of the executive body, the pillars of progress that hold TDF Canada strong.

TDF Canada: Building Bridges, Preserving Heritage, Empowering Our Future.

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