Minister Seethakka along with MLA Vedma Bojju inaugurate a black top road and bridge at Ramalingapalli village in Utnoor mandal on MondayMinister Seethakka along with MLA Vedma Bojju inaugurate a black top road and bridge at Ramalingapalli village in Utnoor mandal on Monday

Seethakka said steps were being taken to avoid inconvenience to the public in reaching neighboring villages and mandal headquarters.

Efforts to Enhance Connectivity in Agency Areas, Says Minister Seethakka

Adilabad: Panchayat Raj Minister Seethakka has announced ongoing efforts to improve connectivity across all habitations within Integrated Tribal Development Agencies (ITDA). On Monday, she, alongside Khanapur MLA Vedma Bojju, inaugurated a new bridge and blacktop road linking Ramalingampalli and Shyamnaik Thanda in Utnoor mandal.Panchayat Raj Minister Seethakka said efforts were being made to provide connectivity to every habitation in Integrated Tribal Development Agencies (ITDA).

During the event, Seethakka emphasized the importance of accessible roads for public convenience, particularly in connecting neighboring villages and mandal headquarters. She pledged to tackle the challenges faced by tribals living in ITDA regions and ensure that every hamlet receives adequate road facilities.

In addition to infrastructure development, the Minister laid the foundation stone for a memorial park at the Indervelli firing incident martyrs’ column in Indervelli mandal center. She highlighted that the government has honored its promise by initiating the park’s development, which will soon be open to the public.

Later, she convened a meeting with officials of the former Adilabad district to assess the progress of development projects and welfare initiatives at the district headquarters. During the meeting, she urged public representatives and officials to collaborate closely for the district’s overall development.

Present at the meeting were Collector Rajarshi Shah, ITDA-Utnoor Project Officer Khushbu Gupta, Additional Collector Shyamala Devi, and other officials.

Panchayat Raj Minister Seethakka continued her efforts to oversee comprehensive development initiatives across Adilabad district by convening a meeting with officials from the former Adilabad district. The meeting focused on reviewing the progress of various developmental projects and welfare schemes implemented in the district headquarters.

During the session, Minister Seethakka emphasized the importance of coordinated efforts between public representatives and government officials to ensure effective implementation of development plans. She encouraged collaboration aimed at addressing the region’s socio-economic challenges and improving the overall quality of life for residents.

Key attendees included Collector Rajarshi Shah, who provided updates on administrative measures and ongoing initiatives. ITDA-Utnoor Project Officer Khushbu Gupta and Additional Collector Shyamala Devi also shared insights into specific projects and their impact on local communities.

Minister Seethakka reiterated the government’s commitment to advancing infrastructure development, enhancing healthcare services, and promoting education and employment opportunities across Adilabad district. She underscored the need for transparent governance and efficient utilization of resources to achieve sustainable growth and inclusive development in the region.

The meeting concluded with a reaffirmed pledge from all stakeholders to work collaboratively towards achieving developmental milestones and improving the overall well-being of Adilabad’s residents.


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