Passengers injured after United Airlines flight from Israel diverted to NY over turbulence

Passengers injured after United Airlines flight from Israel divertedA United Airlines flight from Israel made an emergency landing in New York on Friday after the plane experienced severe turbulence that required several passengers to seek medical attention.

The flight, that was over 10 hours from Tel Aviv to New Jersey, landed in New York Stewart International Airport after experiencing high winds that caused a disturbance on board, according to United Airlines.

“United Airlines Flight 85 landed safely at New York Stewart International Airport around 6:45 p.m. local time on Friday, March 29, after the crew reported a passenger medical emergency,” the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) told USA TODAY. “The Boeing 787 departed from Tel Aviv and was en route to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.”

Several passengers became sick from severe turbulence

While there are several reports that between seven to 22 people were taken off the United Airlines flight because of injuries, the airline did not confirm the exact number of people that needed medical attention.Passengers injured after United Airlines flight from Israel diverted

“One passenger deplaned due to a medical incident, and a few other customers were seen by medical personnel for possible motion sickness,” United Airlines told USA TODAY.

United Airlines Flight 85 was able to refuel and continue their journey to Newark Liberty International Airport.

The FAA has opened an investigation regarding the incident.

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United Airlines Paris flight diverted to Denver over engine issue

Another United Airlines flight had to be diverted this week.

Flight 990, which was headed to Paris from San Francisco International Airport, was diverted to Denver on Thursday evening after the crew reported an issue with the engine, according to the statement United Airlines emailed to USA TODAY on Friday. After it landed safely, passengers deplaned normally, and the flight was canceled.

A representative from United said the airline is currently looking to provide flight options that leave Friday for the 273 passengers who were on board.

A United Airlines flight from Houston bound for Florida made an emergency landing this week after one of its engines caught fire midair.

The blaze broke out shortly after Flight 1118 took off from George Bush Intercontinental Airport at 6:40 p.m. Monday.

No injuries were reported, a United spokesperson told USA TODAY Thursday.

The spokesperson said the plane was bound for Southwest Florida International Airport before the fire started.

“United flight 1118 returned to Houston shortly after takeoff due to an engine issue. The flight landed safely, and the passengers deplaned normally,” United released in a statement to USA TODAY.

The airline said it arranged for a new aircraft that departed for Fort Myers later that night.

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