BRS leader Putta Madhu examinng the collapsed girder of Oded bridge on FridayBRS leader Putta Madhu examinng the collapsed girder of Oded bridge on Friday

Former MLA Putta Madhu said the local legislator IT and Industries Minister D Sridhar Babu had also not shown any interest in asking the officials to take care of the bridge. How the Bridge Collapse

Negligence by Minister Sridhar Babu Blamed for Oded Bridge Collapse: BRS Leader

Peddapalli: Former MLA and BRS leader Putta Madhu has accused the government of negligence leading to the collapse of the cement girders on the Oded bridge. Madhu specifically pointed fingers at IT and Industries Minister D Sridhar Babu, claiming he failed to push officials to maintain the bridge.

During a visit to the collapsed bridge on Friday, Madhu highlighted that three girders had already fallen during the recent parliamentary elections. He criticized Minister Sridhar Babu for promising an investigation into the irregularities in the bridge’s construction but not following through.

Madhu argued that if the remaining girders and the bridge had been carefully inspected and maintained, this latest incident, triggered by heavy winds on Tuesday night, could have been prevented. He held the Minister responsible for the recent collapse, citing a lack of preventive measures and oversight.BRS leader and former MLA Putta Madhu alleged that cement girders of Oded bridge collapsed due to negligence of the Government.

Negligence and Corruption: BRS Leader Criticizes Minister Sridhar Babu for Oded Bridge Collapse

When serving as the MLA in the BRS government, Putta Madhu secured Rs 50 crore for the construction of the Oded bridge. However, the project was delayed due to a negligent contractor who bid 3% lower than the estimated cost.

After Sridhar Babu was elected as MLA, he showed no interest in the bridge project, failing to monitor its progress. Madhu alleged that corruption escalated once Sridhar Babu became the minister.

Madhu criticized Sridhar Babu for not holding review meetings on constituency development and for allowing illegal activities such as sand and land mafias to flourish. He questioned why the Minister did nothing to curb illegal sand transportation.

Madhu highlighted his own efforts in constructing a bridge to solve the issues faced by Peddampet and Modugu villages, noting that he was the first MLA after PV Narsimha Rao to build bridges. In contrast, he pointed out that neither Sridhar Babu nor his father, Sripada Rao, constructed any bridges in the Manthani constituency.


  • Oded bridge collapse: Negligence of officials blamed
    • Telangana: Peddapalli’s Oded bridge collapses again for second time in less than three months

      Girders Of Under Construction Bridge Collapsed Near Oded. 5 629

      The bridge was being constructed across the Manair to develop road connectivity between Peddapalli and Jayashankar-Bhupalpally district, connecting Oded, Mutharam mandal of Peddapalli district and Garimillapalli, Tekumatla mandal of Jayashankar Bhupalpally district. The bridge was taken up with an estimated cost of Rs 47 crore. Though the foundation for the bridge was laid in 2016, the work was dragging on even after nine years.

      Bridge Collapse Near Oded: Locals and Politicians Blame Poor Quality Construction

      The girders of an under-construction bridge near Oded collapsed recently, prompting visits from local residents and political representatives on Wednesday. They unanimously attributed the collapse to sub-standard construction work, citing the use of poor-quality materials by the contractor.

      In addition to the contractor’s negligence, they pointed fingers at the engineers and officials from the Roads and Buildings Department, accusing them of failing to supervise the project properly. According to them, the mishap could have been avoided if the officials had monitored the construction and ensured quality and timely completion.

      The locals and political representatives are now demanding that the State government take immediate action against the contractor and the responsible officials by launching a thorough inquiry into the incident.

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