Nizamabad: Health commissioner asks officials to take measures to combat seasonal diseases IMAGENizamabad: Health commissioner asks officials to take measures to combat seasonal diseases IMAGE

Health Commissioner R V Karnan, who along with Collector Rajiv Gandhi Hanumanthu asked officials to take measures to control dengue and other seasonal diseases which was spreading rapidly in the urban areas

Nizamabad Urged to Brace for Monsoon Diseases: Health Commissioner Calls for Action

Health Commissioner R V Karnan has urged officials in Nizamabad to prepare for the onset of monsoon-related diseases.

During a comprehensive review session with Collector Rajiv Gandhi Hanumanthu and officials from Health, Panchayat Raj, Municipal, and other departments, Karnan emphasized the need to combat the rapid spread of seasonal diseases, including dengue, in urban areas.

As the monsoon approaches, authorities are gearing up to implement preventive measures to safeguard public health and mitigate the impact of these diseases. Stay informed and proactive to protect yourself and your community during this season.

Nizamabad Gears Up to Combat Seasonal Diseases: Health Commissioner’s Directives

Health Commissioner R V Karnan has called upon civic administration and health personnel in Nizamabad to stay vigilant and ensure hospitals are well-equipped with life-saving medicines ahead of the monsoon.

During a recent meeting, Karnan instructed officials to stock preventive medicines for seasonal diseases in every primary health center. He emphasized targeted efforts in areas with reported cases of dengue, urging immediate preventive measures and prompt reporting to higher authorities.

We need preventive measures, not the ones taken after the outbreak of seasonal diseases to save the lives of people, Minister for Health & Family Welfare and Medical Education Y. Satya Kumar Yadav told officials on June 24 (Monday).

In a video conference on seasonal diseases with the District Medical and Health Officers (DMHOs) and the department officials, Mr. Satya Kumar Yadav said that Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu wanted the services being rendered to the people to be improved and that in doing so, they should bring a good name to the government.

The Minister also reiterated that various departments should work together to bring the diarrhoea situation under control. Had the officials been alert and taken measures at the ground level before the disease started spreading, the situation would not have arisen, he said.

The Minister also questioned what the ground-level staff were doing when the people started complaining of diarrhoea symptoms. “The people should have been made aware of the 271 water resources that were found to be slightly contaminated,” he said.

The Minister warned of stern action against the officials for neglecting their duties. “Negligence in any form will be viewed seriously. There is no room for lackadaisical attitude,” said the Health Minister.

Mr. Satya Kumar said he would start visiting the hospitals soon to check their performances and would initiate measures to strengthen the facilities, if required.

Special Chief Secretary (Health) M.T. Krishna Babu, Director K. Padmavathi and others took part in the video conference.

Highlighting the importance of proactive monitoring, Karnan stressed that health department staff should closely monitor villages and high-risk areas. He emphasized the need for creating awareness among the public about preventive measures against seasonal diseases.

Karnan also directed Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery (ANMs) and Asha workers to conduct awareness campaigns in residential areas, emphasizing the importance of preventing water stagnation and ensuring cleanliness. Health officials were further instructed to conduct health check-ups at schools, hostels, and Anganwadi centers to ensure early detection of health issues among students.

Collector Hanumanthu echoed Karnan’s directives, emphasizing coordinated efforts among departments including Panchayat Raj, Municipal, Women and Child Welfare, and others. This collaborative approach aims to effectively prevent the spread of dengue and other seasonal fevers in the region.

As the monsoon approaches, these proactive measures are crucial in safeguarding public health and minimizing the impact of seasonal diseases in Nizamabad. Stay informed and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your community. 


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