BRS leader Harish Rao demands release of funds for local bodiesBRS leader Harish Rao demands release of funds for local bodies

Lashes out at Congress-led State government over severe neglect of village administration, sanitation,

Hyderabad: Senior BRS leader and former Minister T Harish Rao lashed out at the Congress-led State government over the severe neglect of village administration and sanitation across Telangana.He demanded for the immediate release of funds to local bodies, which were kept pending for the last seven months since the Congress assumed power in the State.

“In the past seven months of Congress rule, our villages and towns have suffered a breakdown in administration. Instead of conducting crucial monsoon drives to prevent seasonal diseases, the government has allowed garbage to accumulate unchecked in villages. Sanitation workers are going unpaid, and Panchayat Secretaries are left covering monthly expenses out of their own pockets. What kind of governance is the Congress running?” questioned Harish Rao during a media briefing at Telangana Bhavan on Tuesday.

Highlighting the strides made under the BRS administration, Harish Rao pointed to significant improvements in village infrastructure. “Under Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s leadership, initiatives like Palle Pragathi have raised living standards across villages. The number of villages equipped with tractors has surged from 87 to 12,769 gram panchayats. Telangana’s efforts were recognized with awards such as the Deenadayal and Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana,” he emphasized.

Expressing dismay at the current state, where rural and urban local bodies have not received funding for seven months, Harish Rao contrasted this with the regular funding releases under BRS governance. “Under our administration, villages thrived as models for the nation. Now, sanitation is in disarray, and tractors are being seized over trivial issues like unpaid road tax and insurance,” he added.

Addressing urgent concerns, the former Minister demanded immediate payment of salaries to sanitation workers, MPTCs, and ZPTCs. He highlighted the substantial Rs 20,000 crore spent on rural and urban development under initiatives like Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi during the BRS government.

Harish Rao urged the State government to release pending funds and take proactive steps to combat seasonal diseases such as malaria and dengue.

“It is unacceptable that retiring MPTCs and ZPTCs have not received their salaries. The government must settle pending bills and release funds to Gram Panchayats and municipalities promptly,” he insisted.

Harish Rao also criticized the State government’s inaction following the tragic suicide of farmer Prabhakar in Khammam district, attributing it directly to Congress rule. He demanded Rs 25 lakh as ex gratia and a government job for one family member of the deceased. He called for a thorough investigation into the incident and strict action against responsible officials, ensuring the safe return of the farmer’s land to his family.

Regarding the proposed meeting between Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana counterpart A Revanth Reddy on inter-state issues, Harish Rao welcomed the dialogue but urged for the return of seven mandals and the Lower Sileru project to Telangana. These areas were annexed to Andhra Pradesh against local wishes during the State bifurcation.

He urged the Telangana government to prioritize resolution of this issue with Andhra Pradesh before addressing other matters.

Harish Rao emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in governance, stressing that the people of Telangana deserve a responsive and efficient administration. He reiterated his commitment to ensuring the welfare of rural and urban communities, urging citizens to hold the government accountable for its promises and actions.

However, he urged both leaders to make efforts for returning seven mandals and the Lower Sileru project to Telangana, which were taken away against the wishes of the locals and merged with Andhra Pradesh during the State bifurcation.

He wanted the Telangana government to pressure Andhra Pradesh to resolve this issue before taking up any other issue.



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